Vinci3D Review and Bonus: Is It Worth Buying?

Vinci3D Review

Welcome to this Vinci3D review which will answer all your questions so you can decide whether this is a useful product for you, or just another shiny object. You will get all the information you need including features, benefits, price, upsells, bonus, what I liked and disliked about it, and whether it is worth buying.

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  • Product Of The Day BOTH on JVZOO and Warrior Plus on the very same day! It’s the first time ever in our market this has happened.
  • It also got Deal of the Week from Warrior Plus! 

It means that Vinci3D is the best selling product on both platforms. It is one of the best selling products this year. No surprises there! It is a quality and versatile product, with more features coming, and its competitors don’t even come close! It seems people recognize a good thing when they see it!

So What Is Vinci3D?

The Vinci3D app is an innovative 3D animation video intro/outro/logo stringer creator from Andrew Darius and his team, the makers of the ever popular Explaindio Pro. Within minutes, Vinci3D allows you to create stunning and highly engaging 3D animation video intros, outros and logo stingers. These are high quality professional customized video clips that will make your videos stand out from the rest.

New Alpha Technology

Vinci3D introduces ALPHA technology to add transparent video overlays on top of the animation, or any video you like in the background. This means you can place cool motion elements, lower thirds, call to action, contact information, or anything you have which comes as transparent video. To start you off, Vinci3D comes with a library of totally customizable 3D animation templates, transparent overlay videos, background videos, images and audio tracks.

Vinci3D is very easy to use too, so no hassles or tech frustrations.

Vinci3D is a template based system which uses Unity3D engine. Getting access to a product that uses the Unity3D engine at this price point is a big deal. Why the fuss about the use of Unity3D engine? The reason for this is because it is one of the top two professional 3D engines in the world. It has been around since 2008, with millions of dollars invested into its development. It is used by the gaming industry.

There is currently no other 3D video creator business on the market using the Unity3D engine. Vinci3D is quite flexible and can use most animation/effect models done in other software like 3D Max and Cinema 4D too.

There is no need to understand the terminology or technology, just know that Vinci3D is using the best 3D technology, to bring you an innovative video creation software to make mesmerizing 3D animated intros, outros and logo stingers, that will amaze your viewers and clients.

With Vinci3D you will create outstanding videos for your website, business brand, sales and promo videos and YouTube channel. This will set you apart from the horde.

The development team have already demonstrated with Explaindio that they like to use cutting edge technology, and to stay ahead of their competitors. This means plenty of future updates too.

What do you get with Vinci3D?

Vinci3D is powerful, easy to use, and comes with professional highly engaging templates. You will get all you need to create powerful engaging videos. Here is what is included:

  • 50 Animated Templates
  • 50 Music Loops
  • 100 HD Background Videos
  • 50 transparent overlay videos
  • 300 stock images

Check out this Vinci3D demo teaser…

Click Here to Transform Your Videos With Professional Intros, Outros and Logo Stingers

What are video intros, outros and logo stings, and why do you need them?

Video intros are short introductory video clips of your website, business logo, product, name, or brand, which you place at the beginning of videos for branding purposes. They can include a slogan, short message, video backgrounds, images and audio. They basically introduce your business and brand to your viewers.

Video outros are short video clips that go at the end of the video, closing out your video. They can contain the same elements as intros, but the purpose of intros is to remind your viewers of your branding, to pass on your contact details and your call to action.

Logo stingers or stings usually refer to the introduction or unveiling of the logo. Examples are when you see lots of particles coming together to form the logo, or when the logo is revealed in a cloud of smoke or ball of fire. Logo stings are shorter video clips which concentrate on something going on with the logo.

You would have seen fancier versions of intros, outros and logo stings on professional video productions and Hollywood movies, where the logo swishes on the screen with mesmerizing visual and sound effects. They usually combine images, logos, video clips and text with lighting, visual effects and sounds to create unique professional, and polished intro/outro videos.

They are a great way to present a professional image, brand yourself, your business, products, website, and videos. They help to grab attention, increase viewer engagement and retention, and to make your brand recognizable. Adding an intro/outro/logo sting to your videos really makes a difference to brand awareness and trust.

Ultimately, the whole point of branding is to make your business identity memorable, instantly recognizable and valuable enough to create emotion, which would lead to taking action, whether that is subscribing, buying, sharing your videos or whatever you want.

How does Vinci3D benefit you?

Essentially, we have seen an explosive growth in video marketing in recent times. Video continues to dominate the marketing arena, and shows no signs of slowing down.

According to a recent report from Cisco, 80% of the world’s total online traffic will be video by 2019. YouTube says the number of people watching videos on YouTube daily has risen by 40% year on year since 2014.

Video advertising is on the increase, estimated to rise to $9.59 billion in 2016, $11.25 billion in 2017 and $12.82 billion in 2018. Video marketing is definitely where it is at!

But as more and more videos are uploaded to promote products, businesses, services and educational content, competition naturally increases. With so many videos vying for attention, viewers have developed a short attention span. It is said the average attention span of people is shorter than that of goldfish.

The quality of your video and the ability to grab and engage the attention of the viewer is absolutely vital, and you only get the first few seconds to do it.

The first few seconds of your video determine whether your viewer continues watching or leaves. If your viewers are not engaged within seconds, you have lost them to your competitors.Viewer retention is vital, not just for your message to be heard, but it is also a ranking factor on YouTube and Google.Vinci3d video outro maker

Spectacular 3D animated video intros, outros and logos can make the difference between someone watching or leaving to click on your competitor’s video.

They instantly grab and focus the attention of your viewers to keep them watching your quality videos.

They create a good impression, and make your videos look impressive, more professional and polished, which gains the trust of your viewers. 

Video intros and outros increase viewer retention and lead people to trust you and your brand. This will lead to you making more sales, getting more subscribers and shares. Your videos will also rank higher in YouTube and Google, which will get you more traffic.

But if they are so effective, why isn’t everyone using an intro and outro?

The problem is that unique 3D animation intros and outros are very expensive, and you need a big budget to get them done. That is why not many people or small businesses use them. You can easily pay between $100- $500 for a clip of only 5 seconds.

You can of course buy ready-made intro/outro templates from $25-$100 each, but they are not customizable. The ones at the cheaper end of the market are quite boring and unimpressive, and every Tom, Dick and Harry…and their cat is using them!

You can also get them done for you, or make them using an online intro maker. Again, they tend to use the same old templates over and over again, the only thing they change is the text or logo.

The images, video clips, font styles, colors and even the sound effects all remain the same. Quite often they will not even use your logo, but just the text.

You end up having practically the same video intro and outro templates as everyone else. This does next to nothing for your branding, and does not project a professional image. The whole point of branding your videos, or your business is to have a unique identity. This will set you apart, and your customers and followers will recognize your brand straight away. They will then trust you, and take the action you intended.

The new Vinci3D software makes it possible for anyone to create unique professional, jaw dropping 3D animated video intros and outros in mere minutes.

Grab Attention, Increase Engagement, And Brand Your Videos Like A Pro!

While it is true that you are still using templates with the Vinci3D software, the difference is that the 50 3D animation templates you get are fully customizable. It takes minutes to create unique branding. It is also significantly cheaper than hiring someone to create one 5 second video clip, for which they will charge well over $100.

The Vinci3D app is not just a video intro maker that simply adds your logo and name, it is a high tech app, and with just a few clicks, you can create 3D animated intros, outros, logo stingers, and call to actions for your videos that are unique to you.

You can change the speed, select the start and end of the animation, play it at any 3D angle, add video effects, turn on surround lights, and choose any color. It comes loaded with a whole range of exciting features, check them out below. You see all your changes in real time too. In addition, the videos can be exported for use in other software.

Vinci3D is just one low price, and you can use the software for life. You can create as many video clips as you wish. The templates are very high quality, modern, and fresh designs. Neither you, your viewers or clients would have seen them elsewhere.Vinci3D ReviewsThe Vinci3D software creates stunning 3D animation intros and outros up to 4K resolution.

The competition are not using 4K resolution, and in a couple of years, their current technologies will become obsolete. Vinci3D is way ahead of its competitors.

Vinci3D will help you put the Wow factor into your videos. This will set your videos apart from the rest, increase viewer engagement, viewer retention, and build your unique business branding.

With Vinci3D you can easily create custom intros and outros not just for your own videos, but for your clients too. If you offer video creation services to your clients, you can offer customized intros and outros as an additional service. It would be an incredibly easy sell. This would be a high value service, and you can charge them what you like. But you need to pick up the commercial license to offer this service to clients.

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Vinci3D Features

Vinci3D uses advanced 3D animation technology to create your own unique animations from templates, so your intros and outros will not be the same as those of everyone else. It has some really advanced features and customizations, Vinci3D’s competitors don’t even come close. Check these out:

  • Use of new ALPHA technology.
  • Change animation speed, select the start and ending of the animation, play it at any 3D angle, add video effects, turn on the surround lights, and choose your desired matching color.
  • Add any video clip or image to use as the 3D object, or use a background video. Supports multiple images too.
  • Use of transparent video.
  • Vinci3D creates videos of up to 4K resolution.
  • Play 3D animation on full screen, or a selected part of the screen.
  • Blend 3D animation with 2D video for amazing unique results.
  • Create animated 3D logos from text using your favorite font.
  • Foreign language fonts are supported.
  • Real time preview: Vinci3D incorporates the most advanced 3D animation preview in real time. This is a huge time saver, it means you do not have to wait for preview rendering when you make changes.
  • Vinci3D works on your desktop, you do not have to be connected to the internet. There is no need to worry about server rendering problems, breaks in internet connection, or project queues.
  • 50 fully customizable intro and outro templates included. You also get images, transparent overlays, audio tracks and background videos.
  • Renders in any angle.
  • Surrounding light changes colors according to selection to match your project and design.
  • High quality animations designed by professional 3D animators.
  • It has the ability to position the logo in the animation where you want, not just in one place.

Vinci3D Demo: Here is an example feature of the animation range and speed customization:


Vinci3D Demo: Here is another example feature, adding video effects customization in real time:


How does Vinci3D work?

The makers of Vinci3D proclaim it to be the easiest 3D logo, into and outro animation creator in the world, and they may be right. Vinci3D is incredibly easy to use, there is no requirement for design, coding or technical skills.

There is no learning curve, and this is a big deal for those of us who lack design, creative or technical know-how. Vinci3D is intuitive, you will know how to use it within the first few minutes.

You get 50 templates with the initial purchase, to create amazing unique 3D animation video clips. It only takes 3 simple steps:

Step 1: choose the design you like

Step 2: add your text and logo

Step 3: tweak it to customize the template to your liking. Then click on the render button.

That is all there is to it! You will have a highly engaging, unique and professional video intro or outro clip for your own use, or to sell to clients (you need the commercial license for this). It really is that simple, and there are no tech frustrations.

Vinci3D Review: What I did not like about it

While this Vinci3D review is largely positive because it is a good high tech product for a low price, there were a couple of things I disliked.

You get 50 templates in a variety of styles, and this is more than enough for most people using the software for personal use. However, I think those buying the commercial license intending to offer a service will run out of ideas after a while.

I think 50 templates are not enough if you are selling video clips as a service. You need to impress your clients, and offer something that their competitors do not have. So you may need to pick up the first OTO, the Template Club, which delivers more templates each month in order to have more variety to offer your clients.

While you can add your own images, logos, and fonts, you cannot import your own 3D animation models. This is because the development team actually add programming to each model, to enable customization by users. There are creative people that design their own 3D animations who may want to import their designs into the software, but currently that is not an option.

But they are opening up a new marketplace for 3D creators, where more models will be constantly added, these will be sold separately. This is great for Vinci3D users because it will add a lot more variety to choose from. It is also good for 3D animators who will be able to submit their designs on a revenue share basis.

You can do all customizations in Vinci3D, but currently, you cannot import audio tracks right into the software. However, due to customer demand, they will be adding this feature very soon. So you will be able to add your audio inside Vinci3D.

But in the meantime, you have to add the music separately in a video editor, like Windows Movie Maker or Mac equivalent, or even a free online editor. But if you check out the bonuses below, you will be getting a very good desktop video editor to add music to your videos, and do any required editing.

Not everyone will be able to use Vinci3D. The software is pretty powerful, so there are minimum computer specifications. Vinci3D will not work on specs below 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended), 64-bit Windows 7, and OSX 10.10 for Mac. So if your computer system does not fulfill these minimum requirements, the software will not work. Check your computer specifications first before buying.

Vinci3D Price

Vinci3D is offered with personal or commercial licensing.

The personal license allows you to make intros and outros for personal use. Get this for branding your own videos.

The commercial license is for creating intros and outros to sell to local clients, or to offer your services to other marketers.

Personal license: $47 a year

Commercial license: $67 a year


Vinci3D OTOs

There are three OTOs or upsells.

OTO 1 is the Template Club:You pay $37 now for:

  • 10 to 15 3D Animated Template
  • 50 Motion Elements Transparent Videos
  • 300 Stock Images
  • 20 Music Loops
  • 100 HD background Videos

Then you pay a monthly subscription of $27. You will get 10 to 15 templates, 20 music loops, and 100 background videos each month. Take a look at it here

OTO 2 is UpNextEngage at $27: This a new software to increase viewer engagement. It adds Coming Next messages at the bottom of the video with details of what content is coming in the next section.You can see it here.

OTO3 is UpNextEngage Pro at $37: The Pro version offers more engagement boosters like the ability to place animated gif, images, or draw with your mouse on the video. These are added directly to the video file. Check it out here.

Is Vinci3D for Mac or Windows?

The Vinci3D intro/outro creator software is compatible with Mac and Windows. You need to download the right file for your computer and install it as usual. You can install the software on 2 computers.

Vinci3D System Requirements; will it work with your computer specs?

The minimum system requirements are:

4GB RAM (8GB recommended), 64-bit Windows 7, and OSX 10.10 for Mac.

If your computer specifications are below these, Vinci3D will NOT work, sorry. It is powerful technology, please don’t try to run it on lower specs. It will not work, and you will just end up wasting your time, and asking for a refund.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, Vinci3D comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, as do all products from the Explaindio range.

Where to buy Vinci3D

Click here or on any of the other links on this page to buy Vinci3D, and get all the bonuses listed below.

Vinci3D Review: Is it for you?

Vinci3D is very flexible and easy to use. It is highly customizable, you can use your own images, all types of fonts, including foreign language ones, and logos. There is also a lot of 3D animation customization options like filters, lighting, angles, start and stop of animations, and backgrounds (transparent or not).

Who is Vinci3D suitable for?

Vinci3D Review Demo

It is suitable for anyone who uses video for marketing and branding. Since Vinci3D is so easy to use, it is very useful for all levels. If you are new to video creation, then this is perfect for you, because with a few customizations, you can create professional, high converting intros, outros, logo stingers and call to actions effortlessly. You can add them to your affiliate or sales videos to establish your brand, get attention and increase engagement.

You can also offer video intros, outros and logo stingers online via sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr or forums. These are easy to sell and take you minutes to create. You can start quickly, simply render all 50 3D animations that come with Vinci3D, and you have 50 portfolio videos to attract clients with! This is great way for new marketers to earn money online, while learning about online marketing.

If you are more advanced in your video making skills, then the addition of Vinci3D to your tool box will save you a lot of time and outsourcing costs. The Vinci3D app is highly customizable and flexible, so you will only be limited by your creativity. Add intros/outros to your affiliate, sales, and tutorial videos to wow your viewers. You can also offer to create them for other marketers online, as another easy income stream.

If you offer video services to local businesses, then this a no-brainer small investment for you. You can add 3D animation intro/outro/logo stings as an extra service. This is a $40 billion industry, and you can get a piece of that huge market. When your clients see the eye popping 3D animations, they’ll go crazy for them!

To increase your conversions, create a few samples for them with their own branding to show them, rather than empty templates. When they commit, add more specific customization. You can also build a website, fill it with various samples and sell them online. This a high value service and the animations sell themselves, and you can charge your local clients whatever you can get away with!

However, if you create your own 3D animations, at the moment, you cannot import them into the software. Further programming is required before designs can be customized in the Vinci3D software. But a marketplace that is integrated with Vinci3D is opening very soon where you can add your own 3D animation designs on a rev share basis.

Regardless of your skill level, the Vinci3D animation maker certainly delivers in terms of visual effects, and grabbing attention with engaging 3D animation video clips.

The existing video intro/outro makers are not that exciting, and customization is very limited, if at all. Due to the high cost of 3D animation designs, the same templates tend to be used over and over, which does nothing for your branding. Also, viewers are used to seeing the same old designs, so they don’t have an impact. To grab attention, you need something different, unique and exciting.

Vinci3D offers a large selection of 3D animation templates. You get 50 with the initial purchase, and you have the chance to get more customizable designs via the Template Club. In addition, the new marketplace which is opening up to professional 3D animators will provide a constant supply of new and varied 3D designs, which you can purchase separately. You will not find these designs all over the internet.

You can easily create unique branding for your videos and client videos with Vinci3D. If you are offering 3D animated intros, outros and logos as a service, then you will wipe out your competition, and charge more.

You can pick up brand new designs via the Template Club, or the new marketplace at reasonable prices, and customize them to the needs of your clients. You can be certain that you will have the latest 3D animation designs.

So is it worth buying?

If you are a video marketer, I think Vinci3D is definitely worth buying. It will be a great addition to your video tool kit. For one low price, you are getting the latest Alpha technology to allow you to create amazing customized 3D animated intros and outros with transparent video overlays, lower thirds and call to actions.

Use Vinci3D creations for either your own sales and affiliate videos, or to offer as a service to clients, who will certainly be impressed. You can sell them very easily to local clients, or on sites like Freelancer, Upwork or Fiverr.

The 3D animation designs will make your videos look more professional and polished, grab the attention of visitors, increase engagement, and ultimately conversions.

Customizing the templates in Vinci3D is very easy and takes no time at all. You will also save money on outsourcing or buying templates.

Vinci3D’s competitors don’t even come close in terms of quality, flexibility, level of customization, features, ease of use, and what you are getting just with the initial purchase. For the price they are offering it during the launch period, it is an absolute steal!

The vendor, Andrew Darius maintains and updates all his products, and Vinci3D will be no exception. New features are being added already due to customer requests. It will be something you will be using for years to come, and the technology will not be outdated since they are already ahead of the game.

The price is a yearly subscription, but there are constant updates and new features, so you will always have the latest technology and to create beautiful modern designs to make your videos stand out.

This is a highly recommended tool for all video creators.

There you have it!

Thank you for checking out my Vinci3D review. If you decide to get it via this page, you will get all the bonuses below too, including the original Explaindio One video creator.

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Vinci3D Bonus: Includes Explaindio One Video Creator

You will find the bonuses below in the members area after purchase.

Fast Action Bonus: Explaindio One Video Creator. This is the original version of Explaindio sketchboard, animation and video maker, complete with 500 SVG sketch images, 200 animated scene templates, and a selection of music tracks. You get a LIFETIME license to the first version 1.o14. This was sold until the mid 2015 for up to $57. I paid for it when it come out, you can read my Explaindio 1 review here. With Vinci3D and Explaindio One, you will have the perfect tools to create amazing professional branded videos that will take your video marketing to the next level.

Vinci3D 3D video intro maker




Explaindio Watermark Maker (creates a watermark in minutes to protect your own videos and those of your clients)

Vinci3D 3D intro maker

Compositor 2.0 Compositing Software (Personal and commercial use)
Compositor Vinci3d bonus

Screen Marker (an on screen marker for perfect presentations, annotations and drawing for personal and commercial use)3D video intro creatorvideo intro Vinci3D softwareSC Video Editor (for Windows and Mac, you can rebrand to sell, includes source code)

GIF Animator Software For Windows (Rebrand and sell it, with the source code)Vinci3D intro/outro Creator

Panorama Photo Stitcher for Windows (You can put together a mosaic of images, put together overlapping images, and more. It comes with rebrand rights to sell, includes source code)

Vinci3d best bonus 2D Animation Studio for Windows and Mac (Comes with rebranding and reseller rights and source code)Vinci3D Bonus

Easy Web Builder Desktop App for Windows and Mac (Website builder with a WYSIWYG editor with personal and commercial rights. No technical or HTML knowledge)Vinci3D outro maker



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