Real Explaindio Review Including the Negatives. Is it Worth Getting If You Have VMFX and Easy Sketch Pro?

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LATEST UPDATE: Explaindio 3.0, the current version, just launched. It has a ton of new features. Highlight features include: 3D and lifelike model animations, over 180 text animations, morphing, and so much more. .

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UPDATE: Explaindio upgraded to Explaindio 3.0 -Read the Review Here

Explaindio 3.0 has all the best elements of the previous versions with a whole load of cool new features, to help you create professional highly engaging videos in a matter of minutes.

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Explaindio Review: The best video creator of all?

The review on this page is for the original Explaindio 1.0.  Since this review, we had an upgrade to Explaindio 2.0 Pro and another upgrade to the most recent version which has just been released: Explaindio 3.0. Read the full review here.

Original Explaindio 1 review:

When I heard of Explaindio Video Creator, my initial thoughts were…not another video creator! These video making creators keep coming out of the woodwork, lately. I own a few of them.

I have VideomakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro, Video Alchemy, TTS Video Video Studio and some terrible slide show maker. So as you can imagine, I certainly was not in the market for yet another video creator.Explaindio Video Creator Review

But when I saw the demonstration video, I was thrilled. I just had to have it. Explaindio blows all the others out of the water! Why? Mostly because it replaces them, and has enhanced features, which provide a lot of versatility. It basically does what VideomakerFX and Easy Sketch Pro do …and more, in one convenient easy to use tool.

It is pretty fast too. It is a superior product, whichever way you look at it. It has some great features, it is easy to use and it runs faster. It has very similar styles, functions, themes and layout as VideomakerFX and sketching is very similar to Easy Sketch pro.

Here are the Explaindio features:

  • Professional high quality animation explainer videos
  • Creates whiteboard sketch videos
  • Full HD motion video backgrounds – Video behind animation and sketches
  • Imports slides from other video makers
  • Video is uploaded with sound
  • Choice of music or voice over or both
  • Create videos from individual slides
  • Choice of 30 sketch hands with different pens


Explaindio comes loaded with themes and audio tracks. The included themes look professional and well structured. Each slide/scene has the option to include text, images, animated images and of course the biggie – HD motion video background. Unlike VideomakerFX, you can have a video background with any theme/slide, and the video clips are imported WITH the sound.

VideomakerFX does not import sound. You have to add it after you produce your video using a video editor. Video editing is often a nightmare for a lot of people and a complete time sucker.

You can easily switch from sketch to the animated/presentation feature. The interface is easy to navigate and there is virtually no learning curve. You will be making videos in no time at all. If you have VideomakerFX, then you already know how to use the Explaindio video software.

You get voice over and music buttons for each slide. Just check the appropriate buttons. There is also the option to upload video with or without the audio. You can delay the length of the slides or scenes, change fonts, text size, and add effects to the text.

With the whiteboard option, you select the image from the gallery or upload your own. You choose the choice of sketch hand out of 30, change the color, font and size of the sketch images and text.

Explaindio Interface

One neat feature is the ability to create a video out of individual slides/scenes. This is a great feature because you can add these to other videos to create unique videos. Or you can use them as teaser videos.
The software is very versatile and you can effortlessly create all types of professional looking videos like:



  • Explainer videos
  • Affiliate review videos
  • Sales videos
  • Local/Offline videos
  • Tutorial videos

You can make many types of videos and impress your audience and clients. It is all very straight forward to use, you will pick it up after you play with it a little.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with the Explaindio video software:

How does Explaindio differ from VideomakerFX and Easy Sketch Pro?

While VideomakerFX is a great product and is available for a onetime price. It has been my video creator of choice since the day it came out, it is far from perfect and it does have its weaknesses. It is essential a more simplistic video creator and has limitations in features and what it can do. It’s a good basic video maker, but the flexibility and features are not there.

While it is great at animation, text presentations and kinetic typography, it does not do those popular doodle or whiteboard sketch videos. Yes, it does have a hand sketching template but it only writes, it does not sketch images and there is only one writing hand.

Easy Sketch Pro on the other hand simply sketches. Although Easy Sketch Pro 2 have added background videos and a couple of other neat features, it is still essentially a whiteboard sketch video maker, with video motion added. It still does not do animation and kinetic typography which is a staple of video presentation.

So basically, we can either do straight sketch videos or animation/text videos. If you wanted to combine the two functions in a single video, you have to use a video editor. Other than editing, Explaindio does all these things and more. It is highly flexible and offers a lot more features. You can even make basic into and outro clips to brand and retain your viewers, although they have now created a professional 3D animation intro/outro maker which is a lot more polished.

So what are the negatives?

Explaindio is a great tool to add to your toolkit, but it is by no means perfect. Like most software tools, there is always room for improvement and as consumers we always want more added features and enhancements.

The first thing I really did not like is the choice of audio tracks they included. The music selection is terrible. Most of the tracks are made up of choir music…what were they thinking? Also, most of them tend to be short.

If you buy this, you need to get hold of a few royalty free music tracks. You can buy them from JVZoo or Warrior Forum very cheaply, or search for some free ones. I am raiding my hard drive for the tracks I bought before. The good thing is that you can upload your own music to the software with the click of a button.

The other thing is, I wish they provided more themes. Ok, I know this is just me being greedy because there are over 25 themes with several slides each, but I just like to have as many themes as I can get my hands on, so my videos do not look the same as those of everyone else.

I am sure it is enough for a lot of people and besides, almost everyone is more creative than me and can make better use of them. I am just not creative and I do not have or know how to use Photoshop, so I rely on the pre-made themes. This is the reason I am still subscribed to the VideomakerFX monthly themes!

There is a varied range of sketch themes with lots of images and characters too. As you would expect there are arrows, tools, signs, marketing icons, business icons, male and female poses and so on. There are some offline niche sketches like cleaning and plumbing, but again they could have included a few more niches.

But the good thing is that they have extra themes after the initial sale so you can purchase those if like me, if you feel you need more themes and images to create more unique videos.

For those of you who have VideomakerFX, you know you can upload video footage, but the sound is stripped off. You would then have to use a video editor to add and synchronize the audio. I have lost track of the amount of time I have wasted trying to do just that!

With Explaindio, the video is uploaded with the sound. This is a big deal and it really saves an awful lot of time and frustration. No more fiddling round with video editing or struggling to acquire video creation skills.

So is Explaindio Video Creator worth getting?

Explaindio Review

The simple short answer is yes, for several reasons but mostly for the following:

Overall, the Explaindio software is an excellent video marketing tool for anyone. Even if you are very creative and good with Photoshop and video editing, this software will still benefit you.

It is quick, fast and makes it very easy to churn out professional looking videos for your sales videos, affiliate reviews or offline videos. The reviews for Explaindio have been great too.

For those of us who are technically challenged and do not have the patience with Camtasia, Photoshop and are not too adept at video editing, then Explaindio video creator is a God send and makes our lives so much easier.

This software simplifies and speeds up the video creation process so we can get on with the task of making sales and commissions. For many of us, it is impossible to produce such high quality professional videos without this type of software. The fact that these videos can be created in a matter of minutes is simply amazing.

There are still basic slide show type video creators being sold, and in comparison Explaindio is in a complete league of its own. If you are into video marketing, especially if you do not own VideomakerFX or Easy Sketch Pro, I would highly recommend that you grab your copy. It is a great investment.

If you own VideomakerFX and Easy Sketch Pro, Explaindio will provide you with what both these tools offer and much more in one convenient tool. It is very easy to use, fast, and offers you much more flexibility than the other two tools. To be honest, You Tube is now full of videos made with Easy Sketch Pro and especially VideomakerFX, I always recognize the themes.

If you want your videos to stand out from the crowd and keep your audience captivated enough to watch the whole video, then the features of Explaindio will certainly do that for you.

As you know, in order to rank our videos better in You Tube, they take into account whether your visitors are watching all or most of your video. If people are leaving too soon, that sends a signal to You Tube that your video is not quality and that will affect your ranking.

Like I said, I have both the tools but I am buying Explaindio too for these reasons. I had a demo copy so I can review it, and I was impressed enough to buy a copy for myself.

This is definitely one of those tools that you will use all the time, and will not regret purchasing. The only reason I started making videos was because the recent video creators have made it easy to produce great looking videos, otherwise, I would be paying to outsource each video.

It is worth noting as well that Andrew Darius is behind this product, an experienced developer and product creator, heading a team of professionals. So you can be certain of great training, support, updates, and advanced tips and tricks on how to use the product, and video marketing in general.



NOTE: The latest version of the software is Explaindio 3.0. There is a detailed review of Explaindio 3.0 which you can check out here.
Explaindio BONUS:

SVG images (total of 300 images) to use with Explaindio Video Creator when you buy through this page. These are superior quality images, simply upload to the Explaindio software.

20 royalty music tracks and a video editor for Windows or Mac.

How to get your bonus:

1. Buy Explaindio via one of the links on this page.

2. The bonus is on the download page at JVZoo, at the bottom of the page.

3. If you can’t locate it there,, and it will be sent direct to your inbox.

I hope you enjoyed my Explaindio review. Thank you for reading.

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