LA2 (Lazy Affiliate 2.0) Review and Bonus

La2 Review

What is Lazy Affiliate 2.0 (LA2) and what does it teach?

Details of the Bonus are at the bottom.

LA2 Review: Student Testimonia

LA2 Student Testimonial

In this Lazy Affiliate 2.0 or LA2 Review by Mark Bishop, we will look at why this updated course is so different to the usual affiliate marketing courses. It is a detailed step by step training which leaves nothing out.

You will learn site building and everything else you need to make regular sales, all within an hour or two of work.

LA2 uses press releases to generate highly targeted traffic, but a little differently than usual.

It includes the special sauce Mark adds to it to produce consistent recurring income. This course shares the results of the training via a case study. It was originally a bonus called The Lazy Affiliate Method, contained in the earlier niche course, called Niche Synergy.

Students of Niche Synergy saw great results from it and it became very popular. Now Mark has reworked and updated it to become Lazy Affiliate 2.0 or LA2.

The updated version contains a lot more material than the original method. It will take you from initial research to building your site, generating traffic and building a list. It details the tips and tricks to get super fast Google page one positions, sales and subscribers.

The teaching is backed up by a video documented 12 month case study where you will see the niche, keyword and earnings. You will learn what Mark did to remain on Google page one for a year and get over 50, 000 views, and earn a passive average $100 a month for an initial expense of just $15 (onetime), and 1 – 2 hours work.

There is no learning curve, and even complete newbies can make money with this strategy. In fact, a ten year old could do it.

Click here for Lazy Affiliate 2

What is covered by the Lazy Affiliate 2.0:

Niche Research
How to Identify Buyer Keywords
How to Set Up a Domain
Getting HostingLA2 Review (Lazy Affiliate 2.0)
Setting up you site: CPanel, WordPress, Themes
Rebranding PLR
Traffic Generation
What you Need to Learn about SEO
Landing pages for your traffic
Outsourcing Tasks
Basic Graphic Design
List Building

With LA2 you do not need:

  • Seo
  • PPC/PPV advertising
  • Software
  • Additional cost, other than the initial $15
  • Complicated strategies

What you need:

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • $15 (one time, not recurring)
  • Optional: Autoresponder if you are going to build a list but not needed to make sales

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Who is Mark Bishop?
Mark Bishop is a reputable UK based internet marketer known for his small niche marketing courses. He has released very popular and solid training like Niche Synergy, Seo Synergy and Instant Profit Silos.

His products have been very well received because he teaches the strategies he uses in his own business, not theory. He is very down to earth and probably the least hyped up in the internet marketing space. He is a good teacher and very approachable, if you have questions.

How is the course delivered? LA2 Review

LA2 is a full course consisting of 12 videos (totaling 4 hours) with 2 bonus videos and 4 detailed PDFs. You get a case study where Mark documents the steps and shows his results, where he spends $15 and earns $1185 over 12 months.

The course is broken down into bite sized videos with written instructions as well. So it will suit both the visual learners and those who prefer to read. It is a real step by step action orientated course. It cuts out the fluff and clearly shows you what you need to do.

What makes LA2 different?

Unlike many courses out there, LA2 is a complete course with nothing left out. Mark shows exactly what he did and shows his earnings. The training is backed up by a 12 month case study, detailing everything and showing video proof of earnings.

LA2 is based on what Mark actually does, not on theory or the same old rehashed information you see everywhere. Courses based on theory may sound great but they usually do not yield the hypothetic results.

LA2 combines easy passive income and list building to form a complete course which can be used in any niche.

The real sign of a good product is not just that it works for the product creator, but for the students of the course too. In other words, it has to be replicated by anyone who follows the steps. Students of the course have demonstrated that the method can be replicated. You can see their enthusiastic testimonies on the sales page. Those who have scaled up this system are earning very good money from it.

Unfortunately, it is not very often that you get students of a course coming back with testimonies and reviews, and actually telling you how much they earned from implementing the system. Most reviews simply talk about whether the course is good or not, not how much they personally made from it.

This course is ever green which means the principles work for years to come. Unlike many courses, people who implemented the system have earned money and provide their testimonials. 

Lazy Affiliare 2.0 ReviewDoes LA2 require investment?
LA2 does require investment but you only need $15, a one off fee for your campaign.

There are no recurring costs. In the study, an expenditure of $15 led to $1185 passive income over 12 months. There was no additional work after the initial set up. This is passive income at its best.

The expenditure is negligible when you consider how much you can get back. By the way, the investment is not for advertising, there is no PPC involved, so there is no need to panic. The small investment is for very cheap outsourcing.

Are there OTOs (One Time Offers)?
Yes, there are two OTOs which are not necessary for the main course to work. You do not need these, but buying them will give you added training and save you time.

OTO 1 teaches you how to stay under the Google radar, and minimize your footprints so your site will not get penalized. You can see it here.

OTO 2 is a done for you package of templates for press releases and landing pages. This is definitely a time saver and will put you far ahead. It is especially helpful if you are not familiar with, or not very good at creating landing pages. Take a look here.

Any cons?
It is hard to find fault with a course of this caliber, especially at the low price it is offered. I imagine the cost of the hosting, domain and the $15 per campaign may put off some newbies. But hosting and domains are relatively cheap. You need them anyway if you are to build any kind of website, whether an affiliate marketing website, or one which sells or promotes your own products.

The $15 investment in each campaign is a one- off cost, there are no recurring expenses. As for an autoresponder, you can wait until you see some money coming in before you invest in it. The good autoresponder services cost around $15-19 a month. They often offer a trial for $1 for the first month, which you can start off with.

Is LA2 for you?
LA2 is a tried and tested method which simply works, not just for the product creator, but for the students who followed the training. There are plenty of them on the LA2 sales page showing how much they earned. This course is further backed by a 12 month long case study where nothing is held back.

The course is easyLa2 Review to digest and simple enough for a complete newbie to follow. It is also suitable for anyone wanting more consistent income or someone who wants a new income stream.

There is an investment of $15 per campaign, but that should not put you off. It is just for outsourcing some of the more tedious tasks.

You are not required to learn anything complicated. It is a small one time investment with the potential to get back a lot more. This is in addition to the domain name and hosting or autoresponder (only required if you want to build a list).

To be honest, hosting, autoresponder and domain costs are core essentials of internet marketing anyway, so most of us already have them. You would need to get them at some point anyway, if you are serious about building an online business.

Lazy Affiliate 2.0 is a solid course, and it is one of the best at generating consistent passive income, with minimal investment. It is easy to follow and generates quick results. It is hard to find a course that works, let alone one that is simple and which produces lasting results, with only 1-2 hours work per campaign.

In an industry full of rehashed, outdated and theoretical money making products which simply do not work, this is a real breath of fresh air. It is developed from real experience from a trusted marketer who teaches what he does, nLazy Affiliate 2.0 LA2 Reviewot what he says. In addition, it can be replicated by anyone, as students of the course have demonstrated.

I highly recommend this course, especially for newbies who have not made money or not making consistent sales. If you are struggling with seo, have no idea where to start, and simply trying to find a product which works, this is ideal to get some money coming in. It will give you encouragement that you can achieve an online income.

If you are constantly buying products and nothing seems to work for you, then you are simply throwing away your money on worthless products. It is not your fault, sadly, there are product creators whose whole business model is selling incomplete products which do not work, so you will keep buying their other products.

They rely on the inexperience of newbies and consequent inability to distinguish a good product from a bad one. They are taking advantage of your dreams and inexperience to grow their bank accounts. I have been there too and have a lot of these worthless products on my hard drive. If I had come across a product like this when I started, I would have grabbed it with both hands.

But you do need to put the work in. Please do not waste your money on it, if you are not prepared to put the little work you needed. There are no push button solutions in internet marketing, despite what those scammy marketers lead you to believe. You do need to follow the instructions and implement them.Belinda300x250red

The Lazy Affiliate 2.0 is one of the easiest strategies around, and delivers quick results. You could see sales within the first week of implementation. You can be sitting on page one of Google in a week from now. Focus on this for a few weeks, and create a few campaigns. You will be surprised by the results.

For the best outcome though, you need to scale this up until you meet your earnings goal. The Lazy Affiliate 2.0 method is so easy and cheap to outsource, you can scale this up very easily.

Click here to LA2, even if it is just to check out the student testimonials

Thank you for checking out the Lazy Affiliate 2.0 review.

LA2 Bonus:

If you buy Lazy Affiliate 2.0 via any link on this page, you will get some bonuses that will complement the product. All the bonuses will be ready for you to download after purchase, at the bottom of your JVZoo receipt.

If you have problems locating the bonuses, email to get them sent to your inbox.

WP Buzz Machine LA2 BonusWP Buzz Machine
Wordpress plugin for viral list building



Udemy Profits LA2 BonusUdemy Profits
How to create in demand products for Udemy



Flash Pages Lazy Affiliate 2.0 BonusWP Flash Pages
Wordpress plugin for Killer Landing Pages



Video Optin LA2 BonusWP Video Optin
Wordpress plugin to create Guru Style Video Optins



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