InstaNiche Review: What Makes It Different?

InstaNiche Pro

Welcome to my InstaNiche review. In this article, you will get all the answers you need in one place about InstaNiche Pro and InstaNiche Lite by John Gibb and Mo Miah, including what it is, the benefits, why it is different, who it is suitable for, prices, discount, OTOs, how it works, and what I did not like about it.

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I have seen website builders before, usually pitched on webinars from $500 – $1000, and I have never promoted them. I do not promote automatic website builders or push button software as a rule, but I have to say InstaNiche really caught my eye because it is different from the rest.

InstaNiche is not really the first software that builds sites automatically with a few clicks of your mouse. There have been one or two that I have seen, usually hyped up and sold at ridiculous prices on webinars. They are primarily targeted at gullible newbies.

The concept of a push button software building an entire website for you including all the content is just a dream to the newbie, who goes on to part with several hundred dollars on those hyped up webinars.

But while their software will build a website well enough, those vendors fail to tell you that those sites do not have a chance in hell of ranking in Google. This is because they all have the same theme, auto generated, scraped and spun content which Google sees as spam.

Furthermore, the niches and keywords are not researched and the sites are not optimized correctly. The sites are nothing but spam, and simply will not rank. To then con newbies out of hundreds of dollars for these useless sites is criminal.

At first I thought InstaNiche was another one of those spammy auto generated site builders. But then I noticed it was offered by John Gibb and Mo Miah. I know these guys, and what I know about them is that they do not sell rubbish. They only sell quality products that work.

In fact, practically everything I know about building niche sites, I learned from John Gibb (a highly ethical, respected veteran super affiliate with over 10 years in the trenches building niche sites). So that prompted me take a closer look, and I was blown away by InstaNiche (and blown away is not a term I usually use!)

InstaNiche Review: So what is InstaNiche?

InstaNiche is a one stop solution for creating Amazon store affiliate niche sites on the WordPress platform. It is a cloud based software, so there is no need to install or download anything on your computer. It also hosts your new sites for you, unless you want to export the sites to your hosting.

The InstaNiche software does not just build the sites, but it does the niche and keyword research, it provides you with the content, customizes and optimizes the site, and chooses high converting products for monetization. All this happens in five simple steps and in mere moments.

What makes InstaNiche unique?

InstaNiche Discount

What makes InstaNiche different is that it actually creates researched and optimized websites that can actually rank in Google. The web sites it builds for you will have hot niches, low competition easy to rank for keywords, hot products proven to sell, and 100% UNIQUE relevant content.

Yes, 100% uniquely written niche relevant articles! That really made me sit up and take InstaNiche seriously.

This is what makes InstaNiche super powerful and different to anything else. It will populate your website with 100% unique human written niche relevant converting content.

The content is not PLR, auto scraped or spun content. This is a huge deal because in order for your site to rank, you need unique, relevant quality content.

Google does not tolerate scraped or spun content anymore. Even if such content somehow gets to page one on Google, you can be sure it will not be there for long.

InstaNiche builds websites from a selection of already researched niches with buyer intent, and low competition keywords that you can rank within those niches.

The site will be built with beautiful specially chosen high converting themes (there is a selection of them so not all the sites will look the same).

To facilitate easy ranking in the search engines, the software will optimize the site with all the correct on-page elements.

In addition, your InstaNiche sites will be automatically hosted, so you do not need your own hosting. However, if you wish to use your own hosting, you can export the sites to your own hosting account.

The cloud based software does everything in 5 simple steps in a matter of minutes.

The sites will be built on WordPress, and are completely customizable to your preference. You can change the theme, add your favorite plugins, more content, images, videos, email optin… whatever you want.

Building and ranking web sites is harder now than before. Over the last few years, we have seen many updates to the Google algorithm. Google have over 200 ranking factors which no one knows about, and they have become very good at differentiating quality content from bad.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly changing, and ranking a website can take months. There is definitely a learning curve and a time factor before you can correctly set up and rank a site. This is a common problem which makes newbies frustrated and overwhelmed.

InstaNiche cuts both the learning curve and the time involved in setting up your site. It produces Google friendly sites optimized in the right way, with unique content in buyer niches, all within minutes. So your site is ready to make money.

Includes Researched Niches, Keywords, Themes, 100% Human Written Niche Relevant Unique Articles, Website Build and Hosting, all at a onetime low price.

Who is behind InstaNiche?

Before I buy any type of software, the first thing I want to know is: who is selling it and who developed it? This is vitally important because in the internet marketing world, most of the software tools being sold will be here today and gone tomorrow.

They are usually launched with a lot of hype, but six months later, they are often no longer maintained and supported, so you are stuck with a useless piece of junk on your hard drive. I know this because I have been burnt before by buying a number of these tools from these cowboys, so knowing the reputation of the vendors is vitally important when it comes to software.

It does not matter how good the product is, if it will be abandoned in terms of updates and maintenance a few months down the line, then it has no longevity, and your use of it is limited.

InstaNiche is developed and sold by Mo Mia and John Gibb, known in the internet marketing circles as The Terminators. Mo Mia is a respected software developer and John Gibb is a highly professional and respected niche marketing super affiliate and product developer with over 10 years experience.

If anyone knows how to create a high ranking, high converting niche site, it is John Gibb. Now we can take advantage of his expertise in building top ranking web sites with the convenience and speed of InstaNiche.

These guys have teamed up to become a formidable force in terms of solid product development and topping the leader boards as affiliates.

They are pretty solid and they take pride in their products. Their products are constantly updated and supported. I can vouch to this as a previous customer. They are accessible, offer updates, and more value.

Previously, this dynamic duo also brought us the industry endorsed, highly successful drag and drop eCom Pages for creating Shopify stores.

So now we have established that the vendors are reputable and professional, have a history of bringing solid products to market, which they stand by and maintain in the long term, let us continue with the InstaNiche review, and see what the product does, step by step.

Here is how InstaNiche works…

InstaNiche Review


Step 1 – Research and Niche Selection

InstaNiche comes preloaded with 250 hot niches to select from. More niches will be added each month. These are not random niches, but well researched niches already proven to sell, with buyer demand. This cuts down research time dramatically for both newbies and established marketers.

If you are a newbie, you are probably confused over picking the right niche and keywords for your site, this is a very common problem, which often leads to inaction. InstaNiche will be a huge help because the research for the niches included has already been done for you, so they are all winners. You just select the niche that appeals to you.

Step 2 – Select Keywords

After you have picked the niche, you now have to pick your keyword. InstaNiche presents a selection of buyer, low competition easy to rank for keywords related to your chosen niche.

Choosing keywords can be daunting to newbies because it can mean the difference between raking on Google page one, and getting good traffic, or being buried on page ten with no traffic and no sales.

Keywords offered by InstaNiche are relevant buyer keywords with low to moderate competition. You simply pick your main keyword and then the software goes to work to optimize your site for your chosen niche and keywords.

Step 3 – Content

InstaNiche absolutely wipes the floor with other website builders. While other site builders add PLR, or auto generated scraped and spun articles from around the web, InstaNiche fills your site with 100% unique articles written by a team of in-house English speaking writers.

The content is 100% unique to your site, no one else will have the same articles as your site. More importantly it is not robot generated, it is written by real people.

The way it works is that unique articles are fed into a library which already contains thousands of fresh, unique articles in different niches, and once they are used, they get taken out, and more unique articles are added.

A lot of people struggle with content creation, and InstaNiche will solve that problem. You can of course add your own additional content, and expand on the articles to give them your own voice.

If you hired your own writers, it would cost you considerably more than the purchase price of InstaNiche.

A typical unique article of 1000 words would cost around $20 from a writer, and the quality will vary considerably. If you write your own articles, InstaNiche will save you a ton of time in research, writing, product selection and building the website.

Step 4 – Adding Products

The next step is filling your Amazon affiliate site with the highest converting, best selling and profitable Amazon products. InstaNiche will present to you products that are proven sellers with existing demand, and you simply select the ones you want on your site, and you are done, in just a few clicks. There is no need to spend time working out which products will sell or convert, the software does it all for you. It will select related products automatically, but you also have the option to add products of your own choosing.

Step 5 – Building your website

Once all the necessary optimization is done, InstaNiche puts everything together, to build your high converting, unique monetized Amazon site in a few minutes.

The site is hosted for you without being charged a hosting fee. You do not have to worry about installing WordPress, plugins, themes or any of the usual tedious tasks associated with building a website.

If you prefer to export the site to your own hosting account, then you can do that easily. InstaNiche sites are highly flexible and you can customize them as much as you want.

InstaNiche Demo: Walk Through Videos:



Should you buy InstaNiche, and who is it suitable for?

InstaNiche is suitable for both newbies who have never set up a web site, and experienced marketers alike.

If you are a newbie, InstaNiche is a perfect solution because it cuts out the learning curve. You can have your site up and running in a proven niche within minutes. You no longer have to get bogged down with problems like research, niche and keyword selection, competition analysis, content creation, product selection and of course all the technical headaches of building a site.

Once your site is up and running, you simply add content and build up your site. It is so much easier to have something already there to build on. It took me weeks to get my head around setting up a site when I started. I am not technical and it was hard for me to learn. This software you have saved me so much frustration, if it was available then.

If you are a newbie, the software pulls products from Amazon, and so you need to have an Amazon Associates account. In order to be accepted for the Amazon Associates program, you need to have a website to submit to them with your application.

For seasoned marketers, the software will save you valuable time and the money you spend on research, content creation, and site building. You can also reduce the burden on your servers as InstaNiche can host your sites for you. The product is very useful for scaling up your niche sites, without the time, cost and outsourcing frustrations involved. It is definitely a big time saver.

In either case, I would recommend you add more unique content to your sites frequently in order to grow them, and make more money long term. Create videos, articles and add images to your site to grow it. Create quality backlinks and promote it to increase traffic, and to establish it as a trusted site. Google will rank your pages more quickly over time, once your site is more established and trusted.

I am confident that the product will be supported in the long term because the vendors have a history of having pride in their products, and they have been around a long time, know their stuff, and care about their reputation and customers.

I will personally be using InstaNiche from now on to save time and money on setting up niche sites.

InstaNiche Price and Discount

InstaNiche is offered at 62% discount during the launch, and the price then gradually goes up. There are two options:

InstaNiche Pro-starts at $47 for a multi site license

InstaNiche Lite-starts at $37 for a single site license.

The price increases to $127 for the Pro version, and $97 for the Lite after the launch. A month later, InstaNiche will be offered as a subscription based software costing $127 a month.

So grab the InstaNiche discount while it is available for the best price. The price will be going up anytime. When the software becomes a monthly subscription, you will not pay monthly. Just the current onetime price. You will also get all the updates, new niches, keywords and new features.

Are there OTOs/upsells?

No InstaNiche review will be complete without mentioning the OTOs! (One Time Offers)

Yes there are three upsells. After purchasing either InstaNiche Pro or InstaNiche Lite, you will be offered:

OTO 1 – InstaNiche Academy at $67-97. This is comprehensive training, where you will learn how to get the most out of the InstaNiche software, and niche marketing.

OTO 2 – InstaNiche Content Vault at $47 a month, delivers more unique content each month to grow your sites.InstaNiche Pro Review

OTO 3 – InstaNiche Commercial License at $197 will allow you to build sites to sell. This would get you further ahead of the game, because you could be earning money straight away by building sites with the software in minutes and selling them to clients, while working and ranking your own sites. You could easily charge clients $197 a site.

These upsells are of course not needed, but they can be useful if you require further training, more unique content delivered each month for your sites (it will cost more if you paid writers per article) and if you require a commercial license to make sites to sell.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, from the date of purchase.

What I did not like about InstaNiche

While this InstaNiche review is largely positive, there are some things that I didn’t like, and the product can be improved.

The first thing I didn’t like concerns the themes that come with the product. While the themes are clean and chosen with conversion in mind, there is a limited number to choose from, and it would be nice to see a wider variety of themes. From what I see, you will not be able to import your own theme into the software either, which would have solved the problem. I hope they will provide this flexibility in future updates.

But of course you can still log into your WordPress site and change the theme after your website is created. But it would have been more convenient and faster to have the option to add your own theme, which can be selected from the software to begin with. Also, anyone who does not know how to use WordPress will find this task difficult to accomplish.

This next point isn’t a dislike as such, but it’s worth noting, especially for newbies.While your InstaNiche purchase includes the hosting for your website, you still have to choose and buy your own domain name, as you would for any website. So be aware that you have to get a domain name, it is not included. A domain name is around $10. Once you have chosen your niche, select a relevant name for your website, buy the domain and then add it to the InstaNiche software. You can link through to buy the domain right from inside the software.

I am also a little concerned about the quality of the articles, and whether the writing team will keep up with demand for unique content as more and more users build sites, and use up the content. I do wonder how they will maintain the flow of unique content to accommodate everyone. I hope the quality of the articles will not deteriorate. Currently there are about 47, 000 articles in the database. I personally would use the articles as starter articles. I would add to them and tweak them.

It is costly to keep the content library constantly stocked up. This is why InstaNiche is becoming a monthly subscription software one month after the launch closes, at the cost of $127 a month. This would be for new buyers the launch closes, and the new price structure comes in, not for anyone buying before then. So it’s important to buy now for a low onetime price because you will not be charged monthly.

The sales page assumes but doesn’t say that you need to be an Amazon affiliate. If you are a newbie, and don’t have an Amazon Associates Affiliate Account yet, you will need to apply for one before you can monetize the site with Amazon products. InstaNiche will create an Amazon monetized website, but you are not limited to Amazon.

If you know your way around WordPress, you can customize the site as much as you like, including monetizing with different affiliate networks, like Clickbank. Once the site is up and running, you can change, delete, add anything you like inside WordPress. If you hate the theme or articles, don’t want to use products from Amazon, or prefer to use your favorite plugins, you can do all that, if you know how to use WordPress.

Unfortunately, the lowest price is during the launch. The price then goes up to $97 for the Lite version, and $127 for the Pro. I wish they would keep the initial price longer to give everyone a chance to get it at the discounted price. If you are thinking of buying InstaNiche, get it sooner rather than later, to take advantage of the early bird price.

The other thing I didn’t like with the sales pitch is that while InstaNiche will offer you pre-researched niches, keywords and products, and will build the site for you, it is not a magic solution. Some of those keywords may rank on their own, but others will need more help.

This means you still need to build some backlinks (the number of backlinks depends on how competitive the keyword is) to the site, to help it rank better. You would have to do this anyway with any web site, even if you created it from scratch. It is advisable to add regular quality content to your site. You also need to share and promote your site to attract more traffic. Over time, you’ll gain Google’s trust and improve your rankings. The InstaNiche Content Vault OTO subscription will come in handy for this because it delivers fresh unique articles each month.


InstaNiche is different. It researches hot buyer niches and keywords, customizes, optimizes, fills your site with 100% unique human written content, builds and monetizes Amazon affiliate web sites in mere minutes. Just a few clicks will set everything up for you, build and host (no monthly hosting fees) your unique Amazon affiliate site.

These are Google friendly unique sites ready to make sales. These sites will not get penalized like the usual auto generated sites we have seen before, which are full of inferior scraped and spun content.

These sites can get ranked in Google. This has never been done before. Previous site builders simply scraped or spun PLR or web articles to put a site together.

InstaNiche offers a great solution for the common problems faced by people who are new online, as well as established marketers.

It is perfect for newbies struggling to set up a web site. It cuts out the learning curve. Instead of getting bogged down with the numerous processes of building a website, you can just churn them out in minutes, and you can concentrate on promoting, ranking and growing your site instead. These sites are based on the exact same principles that John Gibb uses to build a niche empire pulling in 6 figures a month.

InstaNiche is also a great time and money saver for experienced marketers wanting to scale up or test a niche. These sites are clean and professional looking, they can be sold to clients too.

You will not have to worry about researching niches and keywords, setting up WordPress, installing plugins, content creation, hosting or SEO optimization or picking products (although you can add products you prefer). It is all done for you. It is definitely a time saver and the nearest thing I have seen to a push button solution.

You even get lifetime hosting for unlimited sites on their dedicated servers, which are very fast. This will save hundreds in hosting fees. I don’t think you’ll see an offer like this any time soon, let alone for the price they are asking. This is an absolute no-brainer.

The other thing worth noting is that the product will go up to $127, then it will go on a monthly subscription at $127 later on. Everyone who gets in now for just the onetime price will get all the niches, keywords and updates coming in, and you get lifetime hosting, saving you a lot of money on hosting fees.

The software gives you unique articles from a database which currently has over 47,000 articles in 250 niches. More niches, keywords and articles will be added every month. It even offers you images and videos to choose from which relate to your selected niche. This a massive deal, for a one off price.

The software is a long term product which they plan to brand. They are looking for customer feedback and plan to improve the product in future. This is not a fly by night product that will become redundant in 6 months.

However, it is not the magic push button solution that we dream about. You still need to do some work to grow your site, promote it and build some backlinks to help it rank better. InstaNiche just speeds up the whole process of researching and creating a web site.

InstaNiche is on 62% discount during the launch, and then the price goes up. It will never be at this price again. InstaNiche is going to become a subscription based product after the launch at the price of $127 a month. This is a long term product and they are intending to release updates, new niches, keywords and of course a constantly updated article database that relate to the niches. So make sure you buy it as early as possible to take advantage of the launch discount, for just the onetime price.

If you enjoyed this InstaNiche review, please share the article. Thank you for reading.


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Once you build your site with Instaniche, the promotions checklist will help you promote it to get traffic and Google friendly backlinks to help your site rank.

How to get access to the bonuses:

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